Volume/Tone Control Replacement In Your Guitar

Volume/Tone Control Replacement In Your Guitar

One of the most common problems with an electric guitar is a volume or tone pontentiometer going bad. It could be a number of problems from a scratching noise, a limited range of adjustment, or just not working at all. Either way, oftentimes there’s no way to fix it, except to replace it.

In this video, I’m demonstrating the replacement of a tone control that is serving as a blend control in a Stratocaster with a Dan Armstrong modification. This control isn’t bad, it just doesn’t have the range of control that I’d like for this guitar.

For this repair/modification, you won’t need a crazy amount of tools or parts. Actually, the only necessary part is the new potentiometer. For single-coil pickup guitars(Stratocaster/Telecaster,etc), you will need a *250k potentiometer and for a humbucker equipped guitar(Gibso SG, LesPaul,etc), you will need a *500k.  you also need a few tools. A good *soldering iron and *solder, *wire cutters, *wire strippers, maybe a screwdriver or two and the *proper tool to remove the potentiometer nut.

Whatever the reason for replacing your control, the procedure will be the same as this. Just be sure to take good before pictures before removing any wires, so you can assemble all new parts exactly as they were removed.

This is also a good time to update your guitar, especially if it’s a lower end model. A good set of controls & switches can make a cheaper guitar sound as good as some much more expensive counterparts. If you can improve your sound and playability, you will enjoy your playing experience a lot more!

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